Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°
Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°

Paid Partnership for Art-Fluencers (GUIDE ONLY) πŸ’°


The pricing guide to get a 5-figure deal


About this digital guide:

This guide will help you gain confidence and clarity on how to price a 5-figure paid partnership deal.Β 

Yes, you deserve it!

Landing multiple partnerships will help you achieve financial freedom to design a lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Ready to get that 5-figure deal?Β 

PS: you don’t need an agent to get that deal πŸ˜‰


This guide will help you with the following:

πŸ’΅ Calculate your rate with the no-stress pricing formula

πŸ’΅ Upsell your partnership with pricing table templates

πŸ’΅ Write outreach emails that get replies

πŸ’΅ Ask clients the right questions before the partnershipΒ 

πŸ’΅ Walk you through detailed negotiation case studies with actual numbers from initial offer to final offerΒ 

πŸ’΅ And more!

We break down all the possibilities and items to consider when pricing partnerships that you can immediately start applying to all of your ongoing and future partnerships.Β 

The guide is available on 04/17

What's inside

Discover your signature colors and how to use them in your art by working through 

🌈 112-pages
🌈 21 exercises to tie your β€œwhy” as a creative to the colors you use (with our own personal examples to help you along)
🌈 1 guide on how to test your personal palette and apply it to your art
🌈 5 exclusive interviews with well-known artists on their distinct personal palettes 
🌈 Our personal stories to overcoming our color struggle (so you’ll have the confidence to overcome yours)
🌈 Color theory 101
🌈 Space for your answers 


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What we cover

Chapter 1 - Paid Partnership 101: Getting started

✨ What is it?
✨ How is it different for creatives?
✨ Terms you need to know for campaigns and contracts

Chapter 2 - Paid Partnership mindset

Chapter 3 - Outreach to brands

✨ What is outreach?
✨ The purpose of outreach
✨ Ways to outreach
✨ Outreach examples
✨ Outreach tips

Chapter 4 - Questions to ask before starting the partnership

Chapter 5 - Price your Paid Partnership with this formula

Chapter 6 - Build a pricing table

✨ Business size classification reference
✨ Building a pricing table
✨ Benefits of a pricing table
✨ Examples of pricing tables
✨ Things to consider when negotiating

Chapter 7 - Paid partnership negotiation case studies

✨ Large corporation examples
✨ Mid-size company examples
✨ Small business example

Chapter 8 - Post-campaign to do

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Personal Palette for Creatives (Coming 02/02)


    Come hang out with us on a 1+ hour LIVE Zoom call where
    🌟 We break down the guide
    🌟 Share about our artist journey working with brands like Adobe, Canon, Facebook, and Apple to name a few.
    🌟 Answer all your questions during Q&A at the end.

    β€œWhat do you charge for a post?”

    If this question causes you so much anxiety, we got you! πŸ˜‰

    We remember those days when many of us used to charge $0 for an IG post in exchange for exposure or just undercharging ourselves.

    There is no β€œright” price, but there is a pricing process and formula to package your offer to get you closer to that πŸ’°5-figure dealπŸ’°.

    Next time the client asks you that question, instead of replying with a single price, take a deep breath and reply: β€œI would love to work together! After receiving some more details about the project, I will happily share my pricing package options.”

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      πŸ‘€ Take a peek at... πŸ‘€


      Are you struggling with…

      😫 Negotiating partnership deals with brands?
      😫 Not knowing how to charge fairly for a paid partnership?
      😫 Coming up with a pricing structure that can upsell?
      😫 Negotiating for a 5-figure deal?
      😫 Understanding the partnership term definitions?

      What makes this guide unique?

      ✨ Real rates and negotiation case studies for different company sizes
      ✨ A transparent pricing structure
      ✨ Ways to communicate clearly during negotiation
      ✨ How to nurture your relationships with the brand

      This is definitely for me.
      πŸ‘‡Join the waitlist.πŸ‘‡


        How long do I have access to the LIVE video?

        A link will be sent via email to join the LIVE video call and a replay link for the video! You will have continuous access to the replay video until further notice. We will let you know in advance if the access changes and will provide a download option.

        Do I need prior experience to buy this guide? 

        No experience is required. This guide is perfect for first-timers who are looking to land future partnership deals and receive a solid understanding of how to price partnerships. It is also a good resource for people with experience who want to learn how to upsell their partnerships and even land a 5-figure deal.

        Who is this applicable to? 

        You are interested in doing brand partnerships, finding ways to upsell your partnerships, and wanting to feel confident with pricing and landing that 5-figure deal. 

        Does this guide cover how to price graphic art for clients?

         Nope, this guide only focuses on paid partnerships and social media ad campaigns.


        ✨ Ask us anything about your struggles with pricing paid partnerships.

        ✨ A replay will be available after the live session.

        ✨ If you get the Bundle but can't attend the live, you can still submit your questions prior the call. We will answer at the end of the Zoom.

        Meet Your Instructors

        Hiiiii, I’m Huyen Dinh!
        (pronounced Who-yen Ding)

        I’m a Vietnamese lettering artist, illustrator, and author of How to be a Rule-Breaking Letterer based in LA.

        I’m known on the internet as the pink specialist who creates wiggly lettering with quirky messages. I enjoy making the world colorful with brands like Facebook, Canon, LG, and Cotton.

        One of my missions is to help artists with my freelance and small biz tips and spread cheer. I also share my stories about being an Asian woman and my imperfect journey so people don’t feel alone.

        Follow me @misshuyendinh

        Photo of me 1.jpg__PID:12a8dafa-f86b-4f91-9ad3-7adc15d3ec1a

        Hii love, I’m Shelly Kim :)!!

        I'm a self-taught artist specializing in lettering, DIY, and fun illustrations. I started creating art in 2015 to release stress from work and to decorate my work cubicle with fun, colorful positive affirmations.

        A few years later, I finally turned my art hobby into my full-time career, making it a mission for my artwork to express love and positivity :)

        I have had the pleasure of partnering with brands like Michaels, Adobe, Apple, and Brother!

        Follow me @lettersbyshells

        The guide is available on 04/17

        Note: All sales are final. You’ll receive a link to download the guide via email after purchase. Please do not redistribute.

        Legal Disclaimer
        We are not lawyers, and any information or business advice shared via digital products for sale on this website should not be construed as legal advice. Use at your own risk.

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