Made from 100% imperfection

Made from 100% imperfection

Made from 100% imperfection

Made from 100% imperfection

Made from 100% imperfection


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The “Rule-breaking Letterer” starter kit

These digital assets will help you start on your creative journey (like now).

🌟Affirmation mindset letter 
Read this when imposter syndrome visits.

🌟 Full-time dreamer phone/ laptop wallpaper

🌟 Lettering creative process cheat sheet
The 4-step process cheat sheet, proven by my decade of creating and overthinking, will help you save time when creating.


The publishing process 
for creatives Zoom sesh

🌟A private live chit-chat session with THE ARTIST TURNED AUTHOR (aka me, woohoo). 

Think of it as the behind-the- scenes of making an art book: the bloopers, the ideas, and the strategies.

🌟Q&A at the end.

How to claim the bonuses  (OFFER EXPIRED)

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    What is rule-breaking letterer Book about?

    Do you

    🤔 Worry that your skills are not good enough to learn lettering?

    🤔 Feel too embarrassed to show your ugly sketches and not-so-perfect creations?

    🤔 Want to have that “so you” style but not sure where to start?

    🤔 Struggle with perfectionism that you want to abandon your art?

    How to be a rule-breaking letterer book is here for you:

    🌟 Focus on connecting your feelings and story to your lettering rather than technical skills so you can create your own space in the world of lettering.

    🌟 The content is made of 100% imperfections: ugly sketches, wobbly lettering, and the messy creative process to encourage you to embrace your imperfections.

    🌟 This book breaks down the information into bite-sized lessons that are easy to digest, along with doses of encouragement, playful examples, and punny lettering tips to cheer you on your creative journey.

    🌟 Start with the foundation of lettering, and the book will show you which rules you can playfully break. In the end, you can break whatever rule you want.

    Take a peek 👀


    Who is the rule-breaking letterer Book for?

    • Anxious newbies

      Those who want to dabble in the art of lettering and overcome self-doubt a fun way.
    • Profesional artists

      Including designers, illustrators, and lettering artists who want a fresh vibe to improve their work and looks.
    • Pastel color lover

      If bright colors make you happy, every page will bring you joy.
    • Hobbyists

      People want to learn lettering for fun but feel intimidated by all the technical-focus books in the market.
    • Anyone

      Whoever is looking for a creative outlet, wants to embrace their imperfections and tell their stories through lettering.

    Rule-breaking letterer accessories

    Wanna enhance your “Rule-breaking” lettering skill? These two tools can help you!

    The Rule-Breaking letterer workbook includes prompts for developing your personal lettering style and colorful illustrations to cheer you on.

    There are also blank pages for you to put your thoughts down anytime.
    The Rule-Breaker’s markers are a set multi-surface markers work on paper, fabric, and leather so that you can use them for fun DIY projects.
    How to have a squeaky clean record of being a good girl, aka a rule-following, people-pleasing person? Huyen knows it best.

    She would deserve the good girl gold medal with more than twenty years of experience following what society wants: getting As in school, getting a college degree, and settling for stable jobs. She did everything she was supposed to but still felt something was missing. That was when Huyen found her passion for lettering, the creative outlet that let her freely explore her voice as a person and an artist. The calling was so strong that it gave her the courage to quit her full-time job to pursue a freelance path.

    Huyen spent many years growing from a rule-following, people-pleasing little girl to a rule-breaking, speak-your-mind badass. She wrote “HOW TO BE A RULE-BREAKING LETTERER” to help you break the lettering rules to create your own style, embrace your perfectly imperfect self, and step out of your comfort zone to try new things.  
    Huyen Dinh is a Viet 🇻🇳 lettering artist, illustrator, and author of How to be a Rule-breaking letter. She is known online for her pink pastel palette and wiggly lettering with quirky messages. She enjoys making the world more colorful with brands like Facebook, Canon, LG, and Cotton Natural.